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Jon E. Horton has worked in sales, marketing and consulting for more than four decades. Through his extensive experience in the field of telecommunications he has been able to apply his sales expertise to form strong partnerships with executives from a wide variety of industries. He has distilled his years of work in the rules and vignettes found in The 22 Unbreakable Laws of Selling.

Laws of Selling

Basic Laws of Selling: The 22 Unbreakable Laws of Selling is a definitive collection of best practices for everyone who has chosen a career in sales. Using real world vignettes to illustrate practical training, each chapter of the laws of selling clearly describes a key habit of top salespeople. As a contribution to the sales profession he respects so much, Jon E Horton has distilled the essence of his own sales “wins” into a set of rules for the next generation of sales professionals to follow. Obey these basic laws of selling and your chances for sales success will be exponentially enhanced.

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Unbreakable Laws of Selling

Basic Laws of Selling

Understanding the basic laws of selling is a salesperson’s key to success. Relying on his own real world experiences, Jon E Horton has been able to formulate the critical basic laws of selling. If sales is an important part of your job description, learning the 22 unbreakable laws of selling will quickly give you the knowledge and skills required to enjoy a professional sales career. Jon E Horton’s book is an easy-to-read manual for understanding the laws of selling.

The 22 Unbreakable Laws of Selling is sold exclusively through Amazon and Kindle and is available by clicking on the “Purchase” menu link at the top of this Jon E Horton website. Whether you are new to the sales game or an experienced sales veteran, mastering the laws of selling will improve your sales potential and help you exceed your sales goals.

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